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Portsmouth Road Productions is an ambitious company that is focused on paving the way for the future of the theatre landscape. We believe when companies or individuals invest money into our productions it should be for the long term future, not just for that production. When you invest you are investing in the development of the next generation of West End and Broadway artists. Just as an individual once invested in the work of Jamie Lloyd, Es Devlin or Daniel Kaluuya, you could be part of the journey for the next ground breaking artist.  Email Marcus here to discuss investment opportunities.


We work with a number of private individuals and organisations who regularly invest in creative projects. Benefits to investors include: 

  • Complimentary tickets to Opening/Press Night Performances.

  • First refusal on opportunities to invest on future productions.

  • Detailed revenue forecast with constant line of communication of box office takings during the run. 

  • Behind the scenes access with invitations to rehearsals and chances to meet cast and creatives. 

  • Opportunity to market other business ventures through sponsorship.  

  • Providing a platform for the next generation of theatre based artists. 


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