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Pathways was born as a response to both the climate in the theatre industry, post Covid-19 pandemic, and (what we viewed as ) a lack of support of young artists wanting to progress in the industry. We aim to provide a variety of programmes to help emerging artists, whatever their age or experience, to help them progress in the industry. We will never claim to have all the answers - anyone who says they do rarely do and are only preaching from their own personal experience. From our experience every individual's path is different, even if their destination is the same. 


  • WORKSHOPS (IN PERSON & ONLINE): These are usually focused on specific skills or techniques ranging across different disciplines, suitable for different levels of experience. Examples of workshops include - Fundraising for Producers, Developing relationships: Director & Sound Designer, Introduction to Directing. 

        Cost: Mix of Free and Set Price

  • 1-1 CAREER ADVICE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS: There are pressures on young artists, now more than ever, to know what you want to do and how you're going to do it by the time you leave school/college. Whether that is pressure from family or from your peers. You may be someone reading this right now who thinks they know what they want to do but have no idea how to actually achieve it. The theatre industry is not a linear career path such as other industries, our aim is to help you see what options you have and how to make the journey as smooth as possible. There are always more options than you think there are, we are here to give you a head start laying out those options for you. 

        Cost: £50 per 90 minute session*

  • NETWORKING EVENTS: These are focused on igniting relationships between creatives and starting what we hope may be the beginning of long term partnerships on productions. We usually take two groups of creatives and organise group events, for example directors and writers. 

        Cost: Pay what you want 

  • MENTORING PROGRAMME: These are focused on individuals who have some experience in the industry but are still at the early part of their career. The idea is that the programme runs for a minimum of 3 months and we pair you with a an artist who has a career in your discipline. We set up monthly meetings between you and the mentor to help give advice alongside potential opportunities to shadow them (depending on the role). 

        Cost: FREE


*We do offer bursaries & discounted rates for those young artists from low income households. 

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